The last of a dying generation

Is Bespoke a dying Breed?

As a man, what you wear says all about you. One of the best fashion statements is through wearing bespoke suits made just for you. Bespoke suits Toronto-based tailors making still exist in some pockets of Toronto, albeit in small quantities.

You may want to have your bespoke suit made. But the baffling reality is that there are decreasing numbers bespoke apprentices and the available ones are getting old. Bespoke is fading away fast because of its nature and setup.

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The argument that bespoke tailors are a dying breed may not hold much of the London fashion week, and the result therein taken into account. As it is the few bespoke tailors that work across the globe still control big chunks of the style business.

There are reasons why people feel concerned that bespoke tailoring will soon fade away in time. Some of the reasons why bespoke tailoring may not survive much longer could include the following;

Fewer sales

Bespoke suits may not attract a broad range of customers as compared to the latest trends of custom-made suits. The growing tastes of suit users then make it relevant for designers to change tact if they are to survive. Sadly, bespoke designs have not moved an inch.

Looking at the business model, it is clear that the current models work best for the tailoring ventures. A bespoke suit may take longer to make in spite of the relatively higher prices. However, the custom-made suites could have sold at thrice the quantity within the same period.

The past few years have witnessed the upsurge in demand that cannot be met by the few slow aging bespoke tailors globally. The alternative has been the custom and tailor-made suits that fill the void.

Bespoke is rigid

The strict manner of the bespoke tailors makes it a no go if you are an enterprising tailor. While the use of older templates, hand cutting, and stitching are common here, the custom brands allow for other technology based ventures.

Another rigid aspect is that it is an apprentice based art that must be learned studiously from the master. Many current designers learn through technology and may not rely on apprenticeship.  Without new entrants, the bespoke breed is dead!

Moreover, the fact that most of these suits are handmade makes them hard for those who are used to designs by machine.

There is waning taste

With each coming suit design, consumers get mixed up on what to choose. The outcome has been that suit wearer prefer to wear anything that works best on their body and not necessary a bespoke suit.

The taste factor is made worse by the growing age of those who practice the craft. The majority of bespoke tailors’ currently are aged above 70, which may work to its disadvantage. Most youths in the design industry shun the apprentice based form of learning from the old folk.

The cost implication

While the suits are becoming less popular, one aspect about them has been on the cost. Compared to the custom-made suites in the market, bespoke suits are expensive. For this reason, bespoke suits remain to work for the high in the society.

ready made suit

Looking at the economies of scale, it’s clear that the numbers do not favour the bespoke suits at all. Selling a single bespoke suit while 100 ready-made suits could sell is a pointing disparity in earnings. The earning aspect has made some of the bespoke tailors to move to other areas.


The continued presence of bespoke suits in the market may be determined by the interest generated by encouraging the young designers to join the fray. There are still benefits to it as there is a class in the society that prefers them.

With the shift towards readymade suits, it may only remain if the bespoke tailors will marshal the numbers. The possibility of the aging group dying one by one with the craft looks at us in the face.

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